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Best Curriculum Available for Pre-School

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Delma Street, beside Canadian Medical Center near Al Hosn University

The Classroom

The available classrooms are fully equipped with illustrations and modern learning resources according to the highest international standards of modern technology in education to provide education in ways easy and fun for the child.

Games Area

We provide safe areas outside the classroom to explore and play through which children can discover and are exposed to social experiences. This allows them to establish reality and relate to their practical life. They are constantly supervised by certified professionals at all times.

The Clinic

The first of our concerns is health care for the child, where we are providing a nurse licensed by HAAD to care about and take care of the health of your baby in Bedayati Nursery and provide feedback to parents about the health status of the child. This is done through a medical file for each child in Bedayati Nursery.

About Bedayati Nursery


Bedayati Nursery is considered the second home for your child. We are committed to providing the best day care and pre-school services available and are happy to celebrate their childhood and have devoted our attention to that matter. Nurseries are considered the best place to keep the mental and physical health of the child from the very first months, where interest lies in the development of his/her sense of security, love , stability and to provide safety and care for them.


Our mission in Bedayati Nursery is to produce children that are happy, creative and enjoying life's pleasures in an atmosphere of fun. Also, provide them with the necessary confidence and care they deserve while providing a superior service quality and provision of health care.

Our Goals

We have clear goals and look forward to their implementation with the help of the a competent administrators and teachers. These goals are :

  • Refining the child's personality and developing his/her skills, talents and both the scientific and practical abilities.
  • Providing an opportunity for children to express themselves and to identify what is going on in his/her mind.
  • Modifying the behavior of the child in accordance with the Arab and Islamic identity and the foundations of modern education.
  • Enabling the child to exercise his/her rights to play and unloading energies through purposeful educational and recreational activities.
  • Providing a developed American curriculum using teaching techniques the enable the child who is starting to learn English as a second language, to speak and understand it. As well, as communicate in English like a native speaker.
  • 6- Establish the Arab culture and install national identity in the hearts of our children.